Greenfields Targets

Nukusa Target

The Nukasa Target is approximately 8.5km south-west of the Udu Mine.

  • The target has identified sub-cropping, weathered sulphide veins with grades of up to 5.1ppm Ag, 1,310ppm Cu and 666ppm Zn.
  • Regional soil sampling traverses in the area have defined a zone of moderate copper anomalism across an area of approximately 500m x 700m strike length, which has yet to be closed off.

Infill geochemical sampling and mapping will be undertaken to define a drill target on the prospect.

Vatu/Wainika Targets

The Vatu and Wainika targets are located near the southern coastline to the east of the Korobotoni target.

  • The targets are centered on two discrete highly conductive targets defined by the VTEM airborne survey.
  • The Company will carry out further soil sampling and mapping and prior to a follow-up geophysical program being conducted across the southern portion of the project area (Nukusa, Wainika and Vatu areas).

Nakula SPL 1494

The Nakula SPL 1494 is located approximately 13km south-west of the Udu Mine and was granted to Dateline in January 2012. It covers a historical stream sediment-sampling anomaly draining an area described as a potential porphyry system by previous workers.

  • Historical stream sediment sampling up to 61ppm Cu, 0.3ppb Au and 152ppm Zn.
  • Confirmation sampling by Dateline returned stream sediment samples up to 1ppb Au, 81ppm Cu and 240ppm Zn.
  • Samples of mineralized porphyry float in the area returned values of up to 0.9ppm Ag and 1,190ppm Zn.

Detailed stream sediment geochemistry, regional mapping and soil sampling traverses will be carried out to locate the source of the anomalism.